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Click here to buy 60-Day Duro LED Lantern, Titanium by UST Brands LLC.
60-Day Duro LED Lantern, Titanium
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on 6-14-2018.
Product Description
What buyers are saying
I stumbled across these UST lanterns when looking at camping stuff on the internet. I think the first one I saw was the 30 day version and then noticed that they have a 10 day and a 60 day version. There are several Youtube videos where people have put the 30 day version to the test and sure enough they run 30 days on the low setting and still have light available after that. I have seen a number of Led flashlights and lanterns at the store and have never seen any that come close to that kind of battery longevity. I recently got a little travel trailer and wanted a lantern for it but decided to get the 60 day version. One nice feature is that you can unscrew the top and underneath there is a round plastic dome that looks like a light bulb that covers the Led, you can hang it upside down and it is like a light bulb to light up whole rooms. That feature could come in very handy during power outages like we on the gulfcoast sometimes experiance during hurricane season. The reason that I didn\"t give this light a full five stars is the little attachment point on the bottom for hanging it upside down. You will have to figure out some kind of clip to attach to the bottom which to me inconveniant. How hard would it have been to make a fold out hook . Also screwing on the bottom after installing the batteries is kind of a challenge. Another example of poor design. Other than that the fact that it will run for 60 days on the low setting which is far more than anything else I have seen on the market is what sold it for me.
  • 3 lifetime 1.4W Nichia White LED bulbs are unbreakable
  • Runs continuously for 60 days on low at 18 Lumens