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Click here to buy Augason Farms Vegetable Stew Blend 2 lbs .5 oz No. 10 Can by Blue Chip Group.
Augason Farms Vegetable Stew Blend 2 lbs .5 oz No. 10 Can
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on 3-23-2018.
Product Description

Product Features
  • 40 servings
  • All natural
  • Shelf life 25 years
  • Just add water
  • Food storage
  • Emergencies
  • Everyday food
  • Entrees/soup
  • Food storage

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2015 Blue Chip Group
What buyers are saying
I am so pleased I ordered this Vegetable Stew Blend!Just 15-20 ish minutes of simmering and it's ready. I was expecting big hunks of hard to hydrate vegetables, but this is not the case. It is small cuts, some might call it very small cuts. But that means it hydrates thorougly and quickly. That can come in handy when the electric goes out etc.The flavor is great. The ease is great, no cutting, chopping, no leftovers rotting in the fridge to throw away. Use the amount you need. But remember as they hydrate they increase a little in size. It's easy to make more than you may need.I hydrated mine in a broth instead of plain water. EXCELLENT. I did not use it in a stew. I used it once as a side dish and once in a skillet dinner mix. Very pleased with it overall.And the price is very good and you can get free shipping( by meeting the $45 requirement#, and these weigh 2 lbs each#slightly over in fact) especially for 40 servings!Want to make sure you family is getting some veggies they may not know about, throw a handful in some pasta, a macaroni and cheese dish etc.After I initially open the can and use some, I pour the rest in a plastic bag and put it back in the can to help it stay fresh. Or I vacuum seal it in jars.And kept at a coolish temperature it can last decades if unopened!Couldn't be more pleased.Will be ordering more.
  • Packaged for long term storage
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Easy to prepare