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Click here to buy 67802 Aquamira Emergency Blanket (Emergency Orange) by Aquamira.
67802 Aquamira Emergency Blanket (Emergency Orange)
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on 6-14-2018.
Product Description
You will be amazed when you touch and feel the softness of the blanket for the very first time. The Aquamira Emergency Blanket comes in its own carry pouch for easy storage in a 72-hour kit, travel bag, backpack or briefcase. The carry pouch has ample room to store other related emergency items such as a small flashlight, Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets or a Frontier Emergency Water Filter all together in one convenient location. Great for all grab and go inch situations, not just for emergencies. Use the blanket to keep you warm and cozy in the car or RV, on the plane, or even while you watch TV. The Aquamira Emergency Blanket can be machine washed, dried and re-used over and over without sacrificing warmth, comfort or softness. Additionally, because microfiber is highly absorbent, the blanket can also be used as a towel. Made in the USA.
  • Soft, warm microfiber blanket
  • Large blanket folds into compact carrying pouch
  • Can be used as a towel
  • Bright orange color can be used as emergency signal