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Click here to buy Camillus Les Stroud S.K. Desert Knife, 1.0 CT by ACME UNITED CORPORATION.
Camillus Les Stroud S.K. Desert Knife, 1.0 CT
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on 5-25-2018.
Product Description
  • Camillus Les Stroud S.K. Desert Knife.
  • Quality knives since 1876.
  • Signature series.
  • Ultimate survival knives.
  • With fire starter & belt clip.
  • Carbonitride titanium bonded 440 stainless steel.
  • Non-stick drop point blade.
  • Integrated belt clip with fire starter.
  • Stainless liner lock.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Folding knife.
What buyers are saying
It was fifteen dollars because I purchased this with another item (which I never got because it was out of stock), usual price is twenty dollars. The ferro rod is usable, but would not be the first thing I grabbed in order to make a fire. There are better quality ones out there.The blade is pretty sharp out of the box and is serviceable as a back up. A little clunky in the pocket, but that is just one of my issues. It does feel good in the hand, and it does open easily with the thumb stud. The groove in the back of the blade for the fire steel is not quite sharp enough to get a great spark but that was easily fixed by getting a round file out and putting a sharper edge in that.All in all it is about what I would expect in a fifteen dollar knife. It is a good value for what I paid. Probably would not have gotten it except it was supposed to come with a small molle pack.I do keep this in my EDC pack, but do not keep it in my pocket. It is a back up.
  • Titanium-bonded 440 stainless steel, non-stick drop point blade
  • Stainless steel liner lock