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Cooking With Home Storage
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on 12-28-2017.
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Cookin' With Home Storage

One of the finest and most comprehensive books, Cooking  with Home Storage, was written for those making meals from scratch or using their storage foods. Written for those people who look at all the cans of food in their basement and say, "What do I do with all this stuff!!" Over 550 delicious tasting recipes included. Learn from an expert (a mother of 7 children) how easy it is to use home storage foods daily! A kitchen must!

  •    Collection of over 550 favorite food storage recipes
  •    Authentic pioneer recipes using very basic food storage
  •    Dehydrated Foods, how to reconstitute and cook them
  •    Fascinating historical tips on pioneer living
  •    Home remedies that grandma used
  •    How to use Dehydrated foods
  •    Reconstitution Charts
  •    Charts on how to store
  •    Charts on what to store

- By Peggy Layton 275 pages.

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