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Click here to buy Western Red Hot Fire Starters 18 oz. Bag by W W Wood, Inc..
Western Red Hot Fire Starters 18 oz. Bag
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on 5-16-2018.
Product Description
  • Red Hot Fire Starters from Western Premium BBQ Products (18 oz. bag)
  • Ideal for starting outdoor campfires, wood fire barbecues, and wood fireplaces
  • Made of natural materials like wax and dried hardwood sawdust
  • Unique shape starts quickly and burns for 1520 minutes
  • Check local pollution and wildfire advisories before use
What buyers are saying
I have been using these Fire starters for 3 years about to be my 4th year. I purchased these 4 years ago and bought enough to last a few years. They worked even after I stored them in a Rubbermaid container that has our camping stuff in it. The container is on our outside porch exposed to the elements all year long. Last year I used a pack that had been open in the container for a year. Unlike other reviews who claim they don't work. They work great. People need to follow the instructions. You have to break them in half and expose the middle part to the outside of the fire pit. Use a utility lighter and give it a second and it will light. Using paper and grass is not kindling. I use wood kindling and it worked great. While at the campgrounds I would start fires while in the rain while I watched others struggle to start a fire. I would laugh with my girlfriend that we were the only people who could keep a fire going in the rain. So these are excellent. Only concern now is this year all of a sudden it has a California warning on it. Where was this warning the last 4 years?
  • High-quality wax construction, fast-lighting, clean-burning, non-toxic
  • Completely waterproof