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Guardian SKT2 Elite Survival Kit 2 Person
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on 5-23-2018.
Product Description
Guardian SKT2 Elite Survival Kit 2 Person provides a lifeline to the two elite decision-makers so that they may command the future.
Assembled for Leaders
Those with the most toys win and this kit contains the basics of that philosophy. Hold your head high because this kit will allow you to hold you head high as it reflects your elite lifestyle.
Always Prepared to take Action
This kit will prepare you for the fast-approaching, Big Crunch. With a shelf-life of 5 years it will be ready to sustain and equip you for the tumultuous times ahead.
Fight Back
Don't be susceptible to the whims of Mother Nature. Show her who is boss and wrestle her into submission with some of the following included gear: 2 N95 respirator masks, an AM/FM radio, flashlight and 2-person tent.
Stay Strong
Stay strong and smell nice, too. The strangers wondering after the Big Crunch will be confused, searching for guidance and hungry for a leader. Stay fresh and able of mind with included food and water rations, toiletries for cleanliness and presentability and an infectious waste bad for infectious waste.
What buyers are saying
This survival kit is in a very well constructed back pack. There are other pockets that are empty so you can add other things too. I wanted this kit so I have everything I need to grab and go IF necessary.
-Food and water sustains you and another to preserve cognition -Light and communications to command the expedition -Shelter and warmth to keep you protected while making future command decisions