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MagLite LED Flashlight, 2D Black
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on 1-23-2018.
What buyers are saying
I have used many flashlights over the years from very expensive ($300+) ruggidized Mil-spec lights to super cheap generic ones and just about everything in between. Out of all of them this one is my absolute favorite. To me it is an incredible value for a mid power LED flashlight. MagLite has made some of the best most durable flashlights for a long time and now that they have LED tech they are almost perfect. Many people do not realize all of the benefits that LED flashlights bring like the fact that you will essentially never have to replace a bulb. They are Impact resistant and they make batteries last so much longer. I can't say how many times I have had bulbs on normal flashlights burn out on me at very inopportune times leaving me fumbling in the dark. I would recommend this flashlight to everyone I know from my grandmother to my son. It is the perfect balance of size and power and an ideal item to keep in an emergency kit in your home or car.
Durability and patented features combined with new LED technology