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Click here to buy Katadyn Sink Adaptor for Combi AWESOME ADDITION!.
Katadyn Sink Adaptor for Combi AWESOME ADDITION!
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on 12-28-2017.
Product Description

A Universal Travel/Home Sink Adaptor with screw-on base made exclusively for the Swiss Katadyn COMBI Water Filter.

The sink adaptor allows for easy filtering of your drinking water by using your home, hotel, or base camp's pressurized sink water. If pressure is too low, the Combi pump handle can be used for assistance in filtering the water.

Operation is simple, fast and easy. Simply screw sink adaptor base onto the bottom of your Katadyn Combi Filter. Next attach hose to your faucet or sink. Finally, attach the opposite end of the hose onto the water inlet attachment on the side of the filter. Turn the water on and flip the attached sink adaptor button to allow water to be diverted to the filter. Clean filtered water will exit out of the base's water spout.

Katadyn Combi Sink Adaptor Kit Includes:

  • Stand-up filter base with water stainless-steel spout
  • Hose with on/off switch
  • Various sink adaptors
Weight 0.8500
Product Supply Type No
Total Items No
Water Filter Capacity No
Water Output No
Technology No
Reduces Chemical Taste No
Remove Particles No
Bacteria No
Virus No
Protozoa No
MSRP $64.95