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166968 Pulsar Recon Digital Night Vision
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on 4-20-2018.
Product Description
The Recon 325 is a compact and ergonomic digital night vision device. The Recon 325 features high light gathering capacity (F/d = 1.0).

The Recon 325 is outfitted with a jack enabling connection of peripheral equipment; it functions both in video out mode which allows video recording without use of adaptors and camcorders or cameras; video in mode can be employed to transmit image via radio channel from remote cameras to Recons display.

The built-in IR illuminator (805 nm wavelength is optimal for night vision) permits the device to operate in complete darkness. Optionally you may use with the Recon additional, more powerful infrared illuminators including œinvisible version (940nm). The Recon has a specially design mount combining Weaver and 1/4 inch standards to affix various accessories.

The Recon 325 has four working modes of the display - black and white, green (regular color for NV), red (reduces eye strain) and enhanced contrast mode.
Recon Digital Night Vision