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Deluxe Tactical Surgical and Suture Kit
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on 12-28-2017.
Product Description

Deluxe Field Tactical Emergency Surgical and Suture Kit

NEW! Our Deluxe Field Tactical Emergency Surgical and Suture Kit is the big brother to our top selling Tactical Surgical and Suture Kit we have offered for over 20 years. This kit provides over DOUBLE the essential sutures and accessory supplies needed to perform minor surgery or suturing in the field.

Comes packed in a GENUINE U.S. Military tri-folding olive-drab hook & loop nylon pouch with printed and secured instrument locations with oversized side pockets to hold all the sutures and supplies included. All instruments are made of surgical-grade stainless-steel. In addition to our standard surgical and suture kit, this kit comes with an additional 3 hospital grade suture sets sets (an extra 3.0, 5.0 black nylon and a 4.0 absorbable), a pupil flashlight and twice the other supplies as our standard kit.

If you are comparing our kit to others, the big difference in our kits is that we ALWAYS use only FRESH DATED U.S. Hospital Grade Sutures, never old military surplus, imported or expired sutures found in other kits we have seen.

We have often been asked why we offer these kits when most of us would have no idea how to use them. Good question. The answer is very simple: in a major disaster or emergency, where immediate field surgery or suturing is needed and you can't get to a hospital or the hospitals have stopped accepting patients, you are more likely to find someone who has the skills (doctor, registered nurse or EMT II medic) to use these contents of this kit than it will be to find the same qualified person and expect them to have these supplies at their finger-tips. The odds of that are very slim indeed.

If your search is for price alone and you're unconcerned about getting fresh dated sutures and hospital grade stainless-steel components, I'm sure you'll find cheaper kits out there that LOOK about the same as ours at first glance. But, upon CLOSE inspection, you'll really be getting something much less for your money. Hey, we love a great deal as much as anyone, but like you, we hate to be taken and get something far less than we thought we were buying.

Nitro-Pak sells more emergency Surgical & Suture Kits than any other company that we are aware of. Order one for yourself and you'll quickly see why ours are top-rated. We also offer medical Suture Syringe Kits and Replacement Sutures as well.

Measures just 7.75″L x 3.5″H x 1”W. Weighs about 11 ounces.

Don't let your family go without medical attention in an emergency because of lack of available supplies. A must add item to any serious first-aid pack.



  • GENUINE U.S. Military Olive-Drab Nylon Folding Pouch
  • Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments
  • 5 Sets of USA Made Hospital Grade Sutures

Surgical & Suture Kit Contents: (all stainless-steel instruments)

1 – Suture Removal Lip scissors (rarely seen in most kits)

1 – Suture Needle Holder Hemostat (for easier suturing)

1 – 5” Curved Hemostat

1 – 5” Straight Hemostat

1 – Scalpel Handle

2 – Sterile #10 Scalpel Blades

2 – Sterile #11 Scalpel Blades

1 – Surgical SS Probe with Eye

1 – Eye Pupil Flashlight

1 – 5 ½“ Straight Pointed Operating Scissors

1 – 5” Pointed Tweezers/Forceps

2 – 5.0 Black Nylon STERILE Suture with Attached Needle

          (used for fine external skin and mouth cuts)

2 – 3.0 Black Nylon STERILE Suture with Attached Needle

          (used for external muscle skin areas) 

1 – 4.0 Absorable STERILE Suture with Attached Needle

          (used for internal muscle areas) 

10 – Steri-Type Wound Closure Strips

4 – Skin-Tac® Wipe (used around wound areas to allow closure

       Strips or bandage tape to stick to the skin)

4 – BZK Antiseptic Wipes

4 – Alcohol Prep Wipes


(This kit is intended for use by trained medical personnel and is not a replacement for medical treatment. It is sold with the intent that should you need emergency surgery or suturing in the event of a disaster and no care facility is available, that you will be able to locate a doctor, nurse or other medical professional who has the skills to use this kit but do not have any of the supplies contained herein. All instruments are stainless steel and require sterilization before use. Contents or pouch color may vary from picture or listed, based on availability). 

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