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Coleman Fire Starters, Brown, Chip Sticks
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on 1-18-2018.
What buyers are saying
These look like thin cloth wicks layered and coated with wax. The smell is quite strong through the package even. It comes with 12 in each pack. Packaged in a thin plastic bag, then packed into a box. It smells like strong burned plastic. They work great!! I suggest you put in a really air tight double bagged sealed zipped lock bag, or vacuum mylar bags for long term storage. The smell will permeate most anything when store them. I bought two boxes. I could smell them mildly threw the box being handed to me at the door, before being opened. The sticks are 5 inches long by 1/2 inch on 4 sides. I'm going to put in a vacuum sealed bag over their bags they come in. Then back into the box for storage.
  • Helps start fires in barbecues, chimneys, campfires, fireplaces
  • Nontoxic, odorless
  • 12 starters per package