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Click here to buy Mace Brand Pepper Gun Pepper Spray, Black with Strobe LED by Mace Security International.
Mace Brand Pepper Gun Pepper Spray, Black with Strobe LED
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on 6-14-2018.
Product Description
Dual Mode LED Light distracts attacker and helps improve aim; Engage trigger to activate steady or strobe feature. Comes with 1 oc pepper cartridge, 1 water practice cartridge, batteries included, 3 colors available
What buyers are saying
My Thoughts:I purchased this because my original úKimber pepper blaster II is hitting the expiration date. I thought about just ordering another Kimber but after watching a few Youtube videos on this one I made the change.First thing¶this is much larger than the Kimber¶ and heavier too (6.9 ounces). It also looks like a gun which raises a lot of flags. I have a little buyers remorse because its too bulky. I even bought the holster for it and its just not that practical for everyday travel use. It would be good for hiking and other solidary activities, but not for someone who is on the úgo in public.The ústrobe light is just an LED, this wouldnt blind anyone. Testing out the practice ammo, you really need to have some distance between you and the other person. If you tried to shoot someone who was right on you this would not be effective and most likely get in your eyes too.The Bottom Line:I dont really like this that much, but its better than not having anything. My recommendation is still the Kimber.
  • Invisible UV dye helps police identify attacker
  • Refillable
  • Reaches up to 20'