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Oster 3147 Tall Can Opener
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on 1-18-2018.
What buyers are saying
When I opened the can opener I was pleasantly surprised with its look, it was much nicer than I expected and the color scheme of grey and black is contemporary and matches my other appliances. It is slim and streamlined as to not take much space on the counter. It doesn't really have any extraordinary features, nothing my old, ancient opener didn't have anyway, but I didn't expect it to, after all I just wanted a new can opener and not the latest gadget. I immediately pushed the button upon plugging it in and it was much quieter than my old model... until I actually used it. When a can is being opened, it is much louder, even compared to my last opener which is well over 10 years old. Compared to how quiet it was when operating without a can I was surprised. The noise level isn't a huge deal, but a relatively minor annoyance. Definitely not an annoyance warranting returning the opener, but still noticeable.All in all I am pleased with this can opener, even if just for the simple fact that it looks so much better than my last one. I'll suffer through the extra noise with no problems.
  • Oster tall can opener
  • Precision cutting provided by exclusive Power
  • Pierce cutting blade with built-in knife sharpener