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MSR MIOX Water Purifier Red

MSR MIOX Water Purifier Red by Disaster Water Storage MSR MIOX Water Purifier Red
List Price: $149.99
Price: $139.00
Updated on 11-7-2011.
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Product Description


That's a Net Effective Price of only $97.99 (a $32 savings)! Limited Offer. Order NOW!


  • FREE MIOX® Refill Test Strips & Salt Kit (reg. $18 )

  • FREE SHIPPING ($14 savings)

Winner of the POPULAR SCIENCE "The Best of What's New" Award. The MSR MIOX Water Purifier offers Pocket-Sized Portability, Easy Operation and No Bad Taste. Read on.

MSR MIOX Purifier. "MSR MIOX". MIOX® Water Purifier is the LIGHTEST & EASIEST way to purify water ANYWHERE backpacking, travel, emergencies, etc. A TOTAL NEW & VASTLY IMPROVED way to enjoy safe drinking water. Only about the size of a full sized felt tipped pen (7" x 1"). The whole kit weights only 8 ounces! Easy to pack and take anywhere.

The MSR MIOX was specificately developed for the U.S. Military for water purification in the field without the need of clunkie filters and to replace the use of water purification tablets. Operation is simple and easy and made to take soldier abuse.

The MIOX® Purifier represents a revolution in water treatment. It's ultralight, compact, and easy to use”with no pumping, maintenance, or iodine required. Miox was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Military (We also offer the Tan Military Version MIOX Military Purifier), it offers unrivaled ease of use and reliability for purifying large volumes of water. The Miox is Ideal for emergency preparedness, backpacking, boating and travel.

About the size of a AA battery flashlight, it's light weight makes it great for traveling and backpacking. The Miox is easy to use”with NO PUMPING or iodine required. It uses common 3v camera batteries and salt to operate making is virtually maintenance-free.

ELIMINATES: Viruses, Bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidia.

How the MIOX Purifier "Pen" Works:

Modeled after todays hi-tech MIOX city water treatment systems they make, the MIOX Purifier "Pen" works by creating a brine solution out of untreated fresh water and ordinary salt, then passing a small electrical charge through the solution, which results in a powerful dose of "mixed oxidants" thus the name MIOX. The solution is then poured into untreated water, inactivating viruses, bacteria, giardia, and cryptospordium (which even iodine does not kill), leaving you with SAFE, purified water.

  • No pumping required: Just add water, shake, and press a button.

  • Purifies water without iodine: No health risk or unpleasant iodine taste.

  • Great for large volumes of water: Perfect for groups or extended trips.

  • Ultralight and compact: Fits in your pocket to go anywhere.

  • Reliable purification: Inactivates all viruses, bacteria, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium.

  • Maintenance-Free: Simply replace batteries and salt

  • Built-In Safety. Safety indicator strips VERIFY performance in "worst case" situations

Dwell times:
Viruses, bacteria: 15 min.
Giardia: 30 min.
Cryptosporidium: 4 hrs.

Batteries: 2 common 3v CR-123A Lithium batteries (included)
Battery Life: Up to 200 liters
Shock and Freeze Proof
Submersible to 60 Feet
Temperature Range: -20 degrees to 160 degrees F
Operating Range: 20 degrees to 130 degrees F
Weight: Purifier” 3.5 ounce/99 g
Complete Kit: 8 ounce/227 g
Size: Purifier” 7" x 1"
Complete Kit” 7" x 4"

Kit Includes:
MIOX® Purifier, salt, batteries, safety-indicator strips, instruction
booklet, quick-reference card, and storage sack.

We also offer and recommend purchasing one or more MIOX Refill Kits that include replacement test strips & rock salt MIOX Refill Kit

Additional Information:
Approximately 8,000 MSR MIOX Purifiers have been shipped to the US Department of Defense for delivery to various branches of the armed forces. In addition, the purifiers are now available general public. The MIOX Purifier is a miniaturization of the MIOX water treatment system used worldwide for treatment of municipal water. Over 1,000 MIOX municipal water treatment systems have been sold to date, with a combined treatment capacity of over 1 billion gallons of water per day. Prototypes of the MSR MIOX Purifier were field tested in 2002 by the U.S. military forces in Afghanistan and other locations.

The MSR MIOX Purifier occupies only 14% of the space required by a typical portable water treatment filter and is 1/4 the weight. The sleek and compact design is an attractive feature for backpackers or travelers trying to minimize packing volume and weight. The disinfectant solution does not leave an aftertaste at standard doses, unlike chlorine or iodine tablets. Each dose will treat anywhere from 1/2 liter up to a gallon of water.

The device operates by converting a brine (salt) solution via electrolysis. Each purifier utilizes two 3V Lithium camera batteries (included), common salt and a tiny electrolytic cell. The purifier will treat approximately 200 liters of water on one set of batteries. The purifier can be used over and over, making water treatment an inexpensive procedure after the initial purchase. An important feature of using simple salt as the disinfectant source is that salt has an infinite shelf life, so the purifier will still function even if stored without use for a long period of time. (The Lithium batteries have a 7-10 year shelf life.)

The disinfectant will inactivate a number of common pathogens, including E. coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium, as well as chemical and biological warfare agents. The purifier has passed the EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for microbiological purifiers, achieving more than 10 times the level of inactivation required, even in the EPA's "worst-case" water.

For under $130 you get a military tested and approved handheld version of the hugely successful MIOX water purification system used by municipal water districts that sell for for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, that a great deal!


Developed for a wide variety of water purification needs from civilian backpacking and fishing trips to military warfare. Not that most of us will ever need the MIOX Purifier for this reason, it is reasuring that the huge amount of testing this product has undergone far exceeds water filters and water tablets.

Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, a U.S. Government laboratory specializing in chemical and biological warfare agents, has been testing MIOX mixed-oxidant solution since the year 2000. Findings show high efficacy against all agents, including Anthrax spores (remember those after 9/11?). Mixed oxidants achieved up to 99.99% inactivation of the spore, depending on the dose and contact time.

The mixed-oxidant solution also effectively destroyed the bacteria associated with Plague and the viruses associated with smallpox and polio. Mixed oxidants were also extremely effective against the nerve agents Soman (GD) and V-Agent (VX) and the blister agent Lewisite (L).

MSR MIOX Water Purifier Red
List Price: $149.99
Available from Nitro-Pak.com
Price: $139.00
Updated on 11-7-2011.
Buy MSR MIOX Water Purifier Red now!

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